Intervenir, Who we are?

Vidéo explicative du projet réalisée par l’équipe 2014-2015

INTervenir is a french Student Charity Association located on the campus of l’Institut National des Télécommunications (ex : INT). It is a joint campus of two Schools, representing over 1500 students, at Evry (Essonne) :
– A reputed business School, Télécom Ecole de Management (formerly named INT Management) trains high-level executives with managerial skills and significant knowledge in Information systems.
– A reputed Engineering School, Télécom SudParis (formerly named Télécom INT) trains general engineers in the Telecommunications field.
The 2016 team is composed of about 20 highly motivated persons, both managers and engineers, enrolled in different operational functions (Event, Public Relations, Bagging and Communication). Inspired and supported by founders of Association, still actively involved in ensuring the Association’s sustainability, the 2016 team is committed to conduct with high standards the Project this year.
The main goal is to bring an effective change to empower the population living in the city of Estelí in Nicaragua.

More details are given below:

– The main issue to be solved is regarding housing. Indeed numerous large low-income families are still living in poor conditions and subject to drastic climatic conditions. In an attempt to solve the problem, last year INTervenir raised funds to supply raw materials for the construction of four houses. This contruction plan amounted to 10,400€ all taxes inclusive (the entire financing was directly invested in raw materials and construction expenses). The team 2015 visited the country and brought a significant help in a duration of three months, from June to August 2015.
– The team 2015 tutored freely students attending different Esteli schools. Those educational initiatives aimed to broaden perspectives notably in term of generic knowledge about the world such as English, French and Informatics.

– The team 2015 combatted the isolation of handicapped children by bringing their help in a specialized school (colthing and educational material drive combined with school animations). The budget dedicated to these initiatives amounted to 900€ all taxes inclusive.
– The team 2015 also worked on developing efficient cultural communication with locals to better understand and share culture differences and to promote values such as tolerance, fraternity and cultural adaptation.
This project allows enrolled students to live in a unique humanitarian adventure abroad : for 2 month period, members of INTervenir will work through total immersion amongst the population of Esteli, especially in construction field, support in Schools and Clinics. Since the team 2016 will be hosted and accomodated by locals, they will experiment and discover the daily life of Nicaragua people.